#love, Poetry

body love

i have – a bump on my ring finger from writing

– bunionettes from my party shoes

– calluses on my hands from pole dance

– a mark on my nose from playing with my dog

– a chip on my tooth from laughing into a glass

– stretch marks from growing from a child to a woman

– a hair on my chin just like my mum

– gaps in my teeth that i share with my sister

– blisters on my heels from hiking through woods

– scars from the acne that my best friend and i had as teenagers

– a pouch from eating delicious food with my husband

i have – a body that’s a map of all that i love

– i don’t want no other, it fits like a glove

By Papillon Bond



here in the present

i taste the heavenly fruits of peace

the juice of joy is dewy on my lips

divine serenity drips

as i sip

from the nectar of the moon

i surrender.

to her treasures.

feast on her pleasures.

‘til sublime femininity flows from my hips

‘til she casts her regal shadow- total eclipse.

even the darkness cannot hide

the light of her magic

gentle, nurturing, sensual

oh i’m so grateful

for this alchemical

awakening deep within.

with every breath i begin.

a prisoner, no more, to what was or will be

i’m just here in the now, totally free.

By Papillon Bond


i love you dearly

the earthy smell before rainfall

the thunderous sounds of the jungle

a cat slinking in the shadows

a boxer skipping on their toes

cycling without hands

a day of no plans

chatting to strangers as though they’re friends

treating workdays the same as weekends

creating new words

imagining other worlds

a summer night breeze

a walk amongst trees

laughing until crying

crying until laughing

presence of mind

eyes that are kind

living life silly

i love you dearly

Poetry, witch, woman


I feel it

You, now the crone

I, the mother

Our maiden on her way

Your owl wisdom

With my wolf intuition

Will guide her towards her divine purpose

And protect her aura from serpents

Our healing has set her free

Our love will nourish her to be

Her true and only self.

No doubts no fears no shame

Just joy and peace and health.

What a beauty-

Her face as bright as the light of her heart

Her eyes as deep as the ocean of her soul

Her smile as pure as the intentions of her mind

– Truth is her duty

How blessed we are to witness her grow

Into a mother

And then a crone

For she is me

And I am you

Just as you are her

Because we’ll always be

The triple goddess deity.

Trauma, Trauma Recovery

Body Story

You think you know your story

Told it time and time again

Til the day comes when you tell it to a wise soul

You go into your normal routine

But they ask you to pause a moment, guiding you to connect with your body

And you find there are whole other chapters that you haven’t even read yet

Poetry, Trauma Recovery

The warning

I’m not invisible

I won’t be neglected

Your promises must be kept

My needs will be met

Ensure your words follow with action

Or expect a big reaction

Not explosive big

Or loud big

Space big

Subtle big

Detached big

I’m not playing

These boundaries ain’t swaying

I’m done

Respect me or be gone

Poetry, Trauma, Trauma Recovery

The Great Shift

The tightness in my chest is loosening

I can breathe deeper

Speak clearer

My heart shines forward

The clenching of my jaw is relaxing

I can smile bigger

Sing louder

My face beams with joy

The weight on my shoulders is lifting

I can dance freely

Hug warmly

My body takes us space

The ache in my head is relieving

I can think clearly

Respond calmly

My mind remains present

The pain in my belly is soothing

I can laugh easily

Live fearlessly

My instincts are strong

The ringing in my ears is quietening

I can listen fully

Sit silently

My attention is focused

The dark cloud above me is moving

I can feel deeply

Love completely

My life is amazing

Papillon Bond