new world

i tried so hard to fit into this world

i haven’t a clue why

it’s fucking shit

i’m off to start a new one

one where women can walk the street

naked if they pleased

without the fear of what a man might do

one where a person’s word is their bond

and they follow through with action

without the doubt that the two will never align

one where beauty is equated to kindness

compassion as the ideal

without the unattainable physical bullshit

one where children are taught gratitude and mindfulness

are celebrated for trying and failing

without the pressure of perfection

one where love is the currency

and health is wealth

without the selfish materialist greed

one where mothers and fathers nourish their children with love

and show them how to love themselves

without working out their unresolved shit on them

one where being alone with oneself is celebrated

a time honoured for growth and connection

without the judgement of being pathetic or sad or lonely

one where we respect our relationship with the earth

and all it’s beautiful creatures

without the relentless taking taking taking

one where someone’s story is heard

and the colour of their skin is respected

without the hatred and sheer terror

one where the present moment is the only moment

an acceptance that all there is is now

without the depression of living in the past or the anxiety of living in the future

one where a person’s differences are valued

and their passions encouraged

without the forcing of uniformity and some bullshit normal

one where people can love who they want to love

and be who they know they truly are

without being told their wrong or disgusting or sick

one where being messy in the mud is fun

and space is allowed for creativity

without being told to grow up and get serious

one where food and water and shelter is a birth right

and looking after each other is the way

without the fight for basic freedom dignity and survival

one where people can cry and heal

feeling supported from the world

without being made to feel weak or attention seeking or too much

this world won’t have many people thank fuck

many will still be mindlessly occupying the shit one

eyes wide shut

just a few of the gems will be there

dancing in the rays of the sun

eyes twinkling open


my shell

my shell is made of bamboo

it’s lighter than wood

so it can travel with me wherever i go

and yet stronger than steel

to keep me protected from energies that are not mine

my shell is woven with lavender

it’s gentle aroma

calms my nerves

and the pretty purple flowers

twinkle like stars in my peripheral

reminding me of my intuition

my shell is laced with feathers

a layer of pure white plumage

encapsulates me in the love of angels

taking care of me from the spiritual realm

they’re soft and fluffy too

the down gently tickles my skin

my shell is embellished with crystals

of every colour of the universe

charged with reiki

to keep my mind body and spirit in balance

they’re ever so pretty

i like to look at them when the world gets ugly

my shell is adorned with the sound of the sea

the rise and fall of the waves

guide the rhythm of my breath

to a gentle inhale and exhale

water and air in harmony

the melody of mermaids

my shell is sprinkled with gold

from the dust of fairies

granting me wishes

i share it with those

who are kind

my shell is graced

with the howl of wolves

calling me back to the wild

my shell is warm

from the love of my mumma

cocooned in its womb like structure

i am forever wrapped in her embrace

my shell is my home

the one i built

from the ashes of my pain

and that is why i named her

the phoenix

Papillon Bond


a fool for you

i am

angry confused empty heartbroken vulnerable

all because of you

i’m struggling to find

the kindness presence spirituality forgiveness acceptance

to let go

because the answers reasons & explanations

all seem like excuses trickery & motives

how you could take my heart

& eat it like a savage?

your bites disguised as kisses.

how could you infect my mind

with unkept promises?

entrapping me in ‘what ifs’.

your amorous words

feel like ash in my ears

your gentle touch

burns my skin

when you look lovingly into my eyes

my soul winces and writhers

and when i look back at yours

i see the burning flames of hell

oh how grateful i am

to no longer be in your purgatory

waiting and wishing and wanting

for a day that would never come

a day where you would love me

without my performing fawning courting

and not for your pleasure possession obsession

a day where you would love me

the way that i had loved you

truly completely purely

for you and only you

oh what a fool i have been

for you and only you.

Papillon Bond

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now i love me

i longed for so long

now i don’t want you

i hurt so bad

now i no longer feel

i cried so many tears

now i can only blink

i hoped for so much

now i watch it unfold

i held on so tight

now i just let it go

i fought so hard for our future

now i make peace with my present

i loved you

now i love me


the grouch

ever since she was a little girl

a monster has lived inside of her

an ugly stroppy hysterical thing

that was known far and wide as

‘the grouch’

everyone that met her was told

don’t wake her before dawn

or put her to bed after dusk

else you’ll release

‘the grouch’

you’ll know it when you see it

a pale faced

baggy eyed

knotty haired




that can change the mood of the room

and have you tiptoeing in your own house

at the slightest, most insignificant slip.

it will sob til it can’t breathe

you’ll be on your knees begging ‘please!’

calling the doctor ‘is it a disease?!’

who will simply advise

just put it to bed

no telly

no treats

no stories

forget the teeth

i’ll let the tooth fairy know

this grouch isn’t messing around


arm chair

car seat


it doesn’t matter where

as long as it’s sleeping

you’ll get rid of the grouch

and just like so, it did

after a few hours kip

the little girl woke

all smiles

rosey cheeks

dewy eyes

and giggles

with no clue as to what a little cunt she’d been!


the storm

caught in a stormy walk

the winds of the past

blustered my mind

swirling angry thoughts

about the way you would push me

until i shook with terror

the harsh words

lashing my spirit

your silence

chilling me to the bone

but it was your breeziness

to the way you whipped my heart

that blew my mind

you were a soulless grey ghost

sucking the life from me

and then the day came when I learned to howl

it started as a whisper

then grew to a mighty roar

and you soon learned

i was soft no more.


I see you

I know you’re going through it right now

your defences are up

because being soft

wont help you survive

and that’s okay

Your impatience

Harsh words

quick temper

cold aura

it’s just the way you’re coping

And that’s okay

I know when you’re out the other side

You will let love in

So don’t worry

you may be stood in darkness

and that’s okay

because I see you

when you’re ready you will see me too

I will be waiting

under the light of the moon

Preparing sunrise

for your return ✨



do you believe in magic

even if you don’t

it will happen to you anyway

so live a little

let go of reason

look out for signs


white feathers

that animal you keep seeing

the ringing in your ears

the number sequences jumping out at you

it will all keep coming

til you’ve got the message

why long it out?

get going

pay attention

learn and grow

you’re looked after

accept the help

your journey will be so much more fun

with a sprinkle of fairy dust